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“Wisdom needs to be a collective act. Transport is one of the most important things we have to solve. Global economy is something we don’t have to reverse out of.  ‘Local’ is not always the most resourceful. Transportation of goods and people is a major problem for us to solve. More than an individual in a motor car.”

Luke Pearson

For this session of The Wisdom Hour, Luke Pearson, designer and co-founder of design studio Pearson Lloyd, sat down with Richard Newman, Royal College of Art MA Intelligent Mobility student for a discussion on designing transport and mobility innovations for every age.

This event was recorded on Thursday 2 February 2023.

About The Wisdom Hour

What is the perfect age for a designer? It often seems that in the world of design you are either out of touch or too inexperienced. Yet in our complex and ever-changing world, designers of all ages are needed more than ever to bring their unique experiences and skills to solve today’s significant challenges. From what we wear to how we shop to our homes and workplaces, designers have the power to shape how we live, work, and grow older with agency and joy.

Each session of The Wisdom Hour features a Royal Designer for Industry in conversation with an emerging designer from the RCA to explore the role of age and wisdom in designing a better world for our future selves. Conversations will be facilitated by Design Age Institute.

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