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With the mission to create inclusive innovations that make a positive impact, we create products to empower people to take charge and move forward.


“I wanted to help my father walk - something that many of us take for granted.”

"My father has Parkinson’s. After seeing him struggle to walk and perform other tasks that many of us take for granted, I set out on a mission to create simple solutions that have a positive impact. It was important to me that they should have positive benefits and no side effects (like drugs). That is why I created Path Finder Laser Shoes for people with Parkinson's, that marked the beginning of Walk With Path.

Bringing Path Finder Laser Shoes to the market was a key achievement. It feels incredibly rewarding to hear from our users, and how it is changing their daily lives for the better.

Since then, Walk With Path has grown significantly. We are currently developing Path Feel, a product aimed at assisting the diabetes, stroke and multiple sclerosis populations."


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Path Finder

Many people who live with Parkinson's disease experience difficulties walking. This experience is called freezing of gait (FOG) or freezing. Path Finder is a medical device that alleviates freezing.

While you might sometimes freeze or feel stuck, this does not mean you have lost the ability to move. It is simply difficult to start walking. The cue, present as a green laser line, helps the brain initiate your movement and helps you resume walking. Path Finder is designed to give you the confidence to move on your own, in all safety.

Path Finder 2.0 additional features:
• A sleeker and more compact device.
• Stability component added to improve locking into position.


Floave is a wearable fitness device designed to increase motivation and boost performance throughout your exercise journey.

Be it an intense workout or a daily long walk, these podiatry insoles work to reduce post-workout pains through vibrations at the soles of your feet.

Convenience - Floave is portable, lightweight, and molds to any workout footwear, allowing you to leave it in place for your next exercise or workout session. The wireless charging port means you can charge the insoles without taking them out of your shoes.

Performance - Using vibrations from haptic feedback, Floave helps you gain energy before a workout, and recharge afterwards. By speeding up recovery after a workout, exercising or long walks become easier and more focused. This increases the amount of time spent moving, improving your general health.

Modulate energy and blood flow - Floave includes a variety of vibrational patterns, to help you gain energy or relax after a workout or daily walk. The vibrations increase blood flow, speeding up post-workout recovery through bringing in oxygen and removing metabolic waste.

Foot health - Tension in the feet and legs builds up quickly during your daily exercise routine, affecting your performance. Floave relieves foot pain through haptics and podiatry-designed cushioning. The added cooling benefit provides a relaxing and energizing sensation. Your body will thank you every morning, motivating you to enjoy the wonders of moving more.

Path Feel

Feel your feet again - Path Feel is an insole that provides vibrational feedback to the soles of people at risk of falls. It was designed for people with peripheral neuropathy, who are unable to feel the ground properly due to sensory deficit. It also serves people with general balance issues. By amplifying the feet’s sense of touch, Path Feel enables users to identify accurately when their feet touch the ground. This reduces the sense of imbalance, as well as incidence of falls.

Smartphone-friendly & Easy to use - Path Feel insoles come with a user-friendly app downloaded on your smartphone. The app allows you to follow your progress or send the results to your healthcare professional, providing the tools to design the best care program for you.

Improves balance - Studies investigating the efficacy of vibrotactile feedback on groups with sensory motor difficulties show positive feedback. Step-synchronised vibration applied to the feet of people with Parkinson's disease has been found to be effective in improving gait patterns. In a proof of concept study, a vibratory insole showed a significantly improved balance.