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LBD Studio is a strategic brand consultancy that focuses on visual identity and design systems. With a small team of award-winning creatives, we collaborate with business owners to build value and drive growth.

Our combined experience covers almost every industry, and unlike many studios, we prefer not to focus on a single sector. This keeps our thinking fresh and our knowledge broad.


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Edinburgh World Heritage

Edinburgh is known for its mysterious gothic buildings surrounding a magnificent castle atop an extinct volcano, enriched by hills and crisp fresh air, has many treasures yet to be fully discovered. Here at Edinburgh World Heritage, we hope to uncover some of these and share our knowledge with you and generations to come.

But which way are we turning?

Edinburgh World Heritage’s NLHF-funded ‘Signposts’ project helps to reveal the heritage values held by Black and minority ethnic groups and Edinburgh’s Deaf community. At the heart of our project are two interns – Myles Westman and Louise Ho – whose curiosity, ambition and spirit have brought this project to life.

Through collaboration with key project partners, Deaf Action and Intercultural Youth Scotland, archive research, community workshops, and many packets of sweets, the Signposts project has explored hidden values and stories which have been missed from the traditional understanding of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. Therefore, the Signposts project reinterprets how Edinburgh is valued through the eyes of different marginalised groups, providing an opportunity for discussion about the wider meaning and importance these values hold to these groups today.

This website acts as a repository for the historical research and outputs of the project, including biographies of key figures in Edinburgh’s Deaf heritage, workshop resources to conduct similar activities with your own school or community group, and coming soon, a short film of interviews with People of Colour about their life and experiences in the city.