Company Biography

We are an end-to-end design and innovation consultancy specialising in leading our clients through the entire industrial design, development and commercialisation process.

Our work addresses real-world consumer needs, builds intellectual property and drives profitable growth.

- Design for dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cognitive decline
- Design for arthritis, reduced dexterity and mobility
- Design for visual impairment and sight loss

Category specialisms:
- Inclusive product design and invention
- Consumer electronics
- Homeware and kitchenware

Inclusive design toolkit:
- Ethnography
- Market research
- User interviews and workshops
- Wireframes
- Prototyping
- Testing and validation


Furniture, Product, Research


Greater London



Work showcase

Relish Radio & Music Player, 2020

Relish’s mission is to improve wellbeing in people living with dementia.

We have been working closely with the brand since 2019, guiding them through the process of growing their business by expanding into new categories. The work has taken them into the world of consumer electronics, where they are now the leading dementia brand.

The Relish DAB & Music Player is the direct outcome of insights gathered from workshops and interviews we conducted with people living with dementia. We learned first-hand how important music is to so many people’s wellbeing, and how their ever-changing condition can stop them from using products that were once so easily accessible to them.

In response, we developed a simplified interface featuring ergonomic, easy to understand controls, and a card label onto which personalised descriptions of three favourite radio stations can be written. The fourth ‘My Playlist’ option plays a bespoke MP3 playlist.

The setup buttons and LCD screen are neatly hidden behind the battery door at the back of the product. This keeps them out of sight, averting distractions and preventing accidental retuning of the radio by the person living with dementia.

The result is a familiar but contemporary design, with every detail carefully crafted to enable and empower people living with dementia to access music, and the memories they attach to it.

Launched in 2020, the product represented a bold pivot into consumer electronics for the brand, that delivered 5x ROI in just 3 years and 20% growth - which continues to build steadily.

Average reviews:
Alzheimer’s Society ★★★★½
Amazon ★★★★½
Relish online ★★★★½

‘A simple idea executed remarkably well’
Wallpaper* magazine, October 2022

‘She cried with joy when she realised she could switch it on herself and easily select her choice of music [...] Apart from the peace and enjoyment the music gives her, she absolutely loves the feeling of being in control of when she wants to use it.’
Trustpilot review

Relish Day Hub, 2023

The early stages of dementia pose significant challenges. Life changes rapidly at a time when learning new ways of living are becoming increasingly difficult.

One of the first challenges that many people encounter is the loss of awareness of the time of day and date. This confuses their management of regular daily routines once taken for granted; mealtimes, personal hygiene, regular sleeping hours and more.

The result is increasing disorientation, stress and embarrassment for the person living with dementia. Friends and family find themselves relied upon for support and emotional reassurance as their loved one experiences a diminishing sense of independence.

The result of 2 years painstaking research and development, the Relish Day Hub is a patent-pending product which is specially designed to help people with dementia maintain their independence during this tough time.

- The customisable digital display features the full time, day and date presented in a large, easy-to-read font, offering complete time orientation at a glance.
- The unique Task Alerts help people keep regular routines, massively contributing to their physical and emotional wellbeing.
- The handwritten Task List maintains a visual record of tasks that have been completed or are pending, which can be referred to regularly throughout the day.

It’s a high-tech device executed in a low-tech way, proven to be straightforward for people with early and mid-stage dementia to adopt and use.

The range delivered 10% growth within 3 months of launch, with revenue projections set to transform the business in 2024.

Average reviews:
Amazon ★★★★½
Trustpilot ★★★★★
Relish online ★★★★★

‘I wouldn’t know what to do without it’
Julia, Alzheimer’s Society trial

‘Mum trusts this clock more than she trusts her children!’
Amazon review

‘It’s going to allow me to carry on with my daily activities and independence!’
Lorraine, Day Hub user

‘We’d be lost without it’
Carer of person living with dementia

Relish Day Connect, 2023

These auxiliary day clocks connect to the Relish Day Hub wirelessly or via Wi-Fi, transmitting Task Alerts throughout the entire home.

Up to six Day Connects can be added to every home network, helping to ensure that the person living with dementia maintains a healthy and productive routine, and stays living independently for longer.

Average reviews:
Amazon ★★★★½
Trustpilot ★★★★★
Relish online ★★★★★

‘GMStudio were fantastic partners, comfortably leading us through the most ambitious project the business has undertaken to date.’
Louis Wait, Finance & Operations Director, Relish

Joseph Joseph, 2019 - 2023

Human factors work with Joseph Joseph, the leading homeware brand.

Focus on designing easy-to-use ('inclusive') physical interactions and experiences across kitchenware, utility and bathroom products, with a heavy emphasis on prototyping, testing and the design and development of ergonomics.