Beta Design Office

Company Biography

We set up Beta as a vessel to create a better world through design.

As a multidisciplinary studio founded in 2020 and based in South London, we help clients push the boundaries of new product innovation. In all projects, we use critical design thinking, implementing a user focused strategy to create experiences which are emotionally engaging.

As a company, beta. incorporates a playful approach to form and usability with an inherent focus on function. We have partners, not clients – working through a highly collaborative process and offering a service that enables the company to become an extension of their team.


Furniture, Product


Greater London



Work showcase

Bob Solid Soap Applicator - 2024

The new way to wash. Refillable body wash for men, with the world's first refillable body wash bars.

Bob's vision is to become the world's cleanest soapscription. That means using the most sustainable ingredients and appropriate materials but also ensuring distribution channels and partners are the greenest and cleanest too.

Nought.One Electric Scooter - 2022

British micro-mobility brand, Nought, wanted to give the modern urban rider everything they need to travel fast, light, smart and safe. This piece of personal transport gives riders a complete, compact, and lightweight ride.

From the super smooth ride to the top spec battery and drivetrain; the Nought.One is perfect for today’s commuters and casual users alike.

Eyra Kitchen Utensils - 2020

Designed for people with reduced mobility in their hands and wrists, this set of four kitchen tools features ergonomic, angled handles that make cooking easier.

Eyra set out to create beautiful products for later life, with an inherent focus on aesthetics and function. Designing for later life is a rapidly growing market sector however most products are void of creativity and appealing aesthetics.

Eyra is striving to create products for users that still care about design, making them accessible and desirable to all. Designed while at Sebastian Conran Associates, Beta is now Eyra's strategic design partner.

Earthmade Aromacup - 2023

Introducing the Aromacup, a sustainable coffee cup made from Bamboo-O, offering an eco-friendly and durable alternative to traditional travel mugs.

When its lifecycle comes to an end, the Aromacup can be conveniently composted at home. Its user-friendly locking mechanism makes it an ideal choice for coffee lovers on-the-go.