Designing the Everyday


Read our latest report, ‘Designing the everyday for a less frustrating later life’, in collaboration with This Age Thing and the u3a, revealing the most frustrating household objects as we age that could benefit from redesign.  

More than 2,000 members of u3a participated in our survey on the most frustrating everyday objects as we age.

The compelling findings have been compiled in a report, and show the biggest stress factors identified in homes were packaging-related, with over 60% of all respondents choosing packaging as their main frustration.

Struggling to open a carton of orange juice or peel back plastic wrapping on food can cause enormous frustration at any age, but as people get older these frustrations can escalate. Some everyday objects aren’t designed with older people in mind and this can result in unnecessary difficulty and stress, as well as longer term impacts on health and wellbeing, eroding confidence in carrying out everyday tasks.